Dual Permanent Temp-Controller Mounting Instrtuctions




This controller is designed to work with 12 volt applications only!

Any cutting of cords or connectors will void warranty!


When using the controller, we recommend that you turn the knobb off before plugging into controller. 

When you first turn on the controller, slowly turn knob up to help prevent spiking your electrical system and blowing a fuse.

We receommend that you find a mounting location for the control box away from the hottest part of motorcycle.

  1. Prior to installing controller, turn knob counterclockwise until you hear a click. This assures that the controller is in the off position.
  2. Pick a location to mount the control knobs and LED’s, keeping in mind that the LED’s should be visible. Leave enough room between knobs for gloved operation (See figure 2)
  3. Mark a location for the control knobs and LED’s. Drill holes through the mounting surface, taking care not to damage anything under mounting area.
  4. Control knob hole size: 9/32” or 7.25mm 
    LED hole size: 7/64” or 2.77mm
  5. Remove control knob from control knob shaft assembly. Install the control knob shaft assembly from back of mounting surface then install washer and tighten nut.
  6. If the mounting area needs to remain watertight, we suggest that you seal the area where you mount the LED’s and control knob assemblies with a waterproof sealant.
  7. Locate battery and find a mounting location for the control box. Control box should be secured with zip-ties or Velcro.
  8. Route the cords so that so that they will not interfere with the vehicles operation or become pinched.
  9. Disconnect the vehicles power prior to hooking up the ring terminals to the battery. IMPORTANT: Disconnect the Negative terminal first.
  10. Attach the ring terminals to the battery. IMPORTANT: Attach the Positive terminal first. Positive terminal is the fused side, identified by the red ring terminal. (See figure 1)
  11. Test operation of Temp-Controller prior to re-assembling parts removed. If controller is hooked up correctly the LED’s will flash on low setting and remain on solid
    on highest setting.
  12. Assemble any parts removed...Enjoy the comfort or our heated gear.


Download the Dual Permanent Temp-Controller Mounting Instructions Here