How Does Your 12-Volt Heating System Work?



Allows you to wear to wear a jacket, gloves, pants, and socks or insoles all with one simple connection to your 12-volt battery

FAQ & Troubleshooting

We have a highly trained staff of experts available as needed to help with any specific questions. Below are the most frequenctly asked questions to help you troubleshoot any issues

For guaranteed safety and quality assurance, we recommend only using the Battery Harness sold by Gerbing® Heated Gear.

It is not recommended to power Gerbing gear using the Battery Tender harness that may already be installed on your motorcycle.

If using the Battery Tender harness, you will need to use a female adapter, and will need to confirm that the Battery Tender has the correctly rated fuse selected for your gear combination.

By using this method, you bypass the Battery Tenders built-in safety provision. If you are only using one harness, we recommend that you install a Gerbing Battery Harness and use the male adapter to charge your battery.

We recommend that you keep both harnesses. Install a Gerbing Battery Harness to provide power to the Gerbing gear and use the Battery Tender harness to charge your battery.

We offer a Dual Bluetooth Controller, Dual Wireless Controller with optional remote, Single Controller, Dual Permanent Controller, and Single Permanent Controller. (See website for details on our Temperature Controllers.)

Use the Gerbing® 12-volt plug-in heated gear on a 12-Volt DC circuit only.

Heated gear must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions.

If Gerbing® Heated Gear will be worn by both rider and passenger, install two Battery Harnesses to the battery terminals and use two controllers to control each person's gear.

It is highly recommended that you turn off your gear before you turn off your engine.

Do not switch on Gerbing heated gear if the motorcycle engine is turned off or running below the indicated engine speed. Damage to the gear and electrical system may occur.

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