Care and Storage Instructions

Please read entire instructions before starting laundry process. Do not dry clean or machine wash. Hand wash only.

Tuck plugs into its zippered pockets and close zippers.

Check pockets for any other items you may have left in them and remove.

  • Do not iron.
  • Do not put in dryer.
  • Do not use hair dryer or heat gun.

1. Use a clean sink or other large basin and fill with lukewarm or cold water.

2. Put in a few drops of mild detergent (like Woolite); for best results follow directions on detergent bottle.

3. Gently swirl the clothing in the sink for a minute or two just enough so that it gets soaped up.

4. Drain sink and use clean tap water to thoroughly rinse the clothing until no more soap suds are visible.

5. Turn off water or drain sink then GENTLY squeeze out the water; do not wring or twist.

6. Remove from sink and lay flat between towels to soak up as much water as you can; the more you soak up the quicker it will dry.

7. After soaking up most of the water, you may want to hang up the garment so the air can circulate inside and out for faster drying; consider laying a towel down or hang over sink to catch any additional water that may be left.

Allow garment to completely air dry before using or storing gear for the riding season.

Gently tap plugs to confirm they are dry and enjoy your refreshed garment.

1. Check for cracked or exposed wire on cabling and plugs.

  • Do not cut or splice cable or plugs, that will result in voiding the warranty.
  • Do not use petroleum based products on plugs.

2. Check the health of the interior of the plugs, look for wear, corrosion and loose plugs.

3. Check the battery harness; this is the single most important piece in your gear, it is important to maintain its health.

If you need a new battery harness contact:

After visual inspection if you find plugs or cables that need attention, please contact: 

Heated Clothing Rx (HCRx)
Call 877-248-3080

We will inspect gear, report back and repair if approved.

1. Once you have taken steps to clean the garments and confirmed they are dry inside and out.

2. Inspect cable and plugs then tuck the plugs into its zippered pockets and close zippers.

3. Check pockets for any other items you may have left in them and remove.

4. Gear can be stored in a dry temperate closet, folded, laid flat or hung on a hanger.

Charging Battery: (We recommend charging overnight for the first charge.)

  • Charge 100% before use (a full charge takes about 3 hours).
  • A red light will appear on the wall charger when charging.
  • The red light will change to green when charged.
  • Maintain at least 25% power when the battery is not in use. This practice will prolong the life of any 7V battery.


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