How Does Your 7-Volt Heating Gear Work?

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Gerbing outfits you in innovative gear with Microwire™ technology, ensuring unparalleled warmth. Go farther, in comfort with your Gerbing premium gear.

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Powered by portable, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, Gerbing ensures the cold never dictates your adventure, whatever the conditions.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

We have a highly trained staff of experts available as needed to help with any specific questions. Below are the most frequenctly asked questions to help you troubleshoot any issues

All garments and gloves are powered by our 7-Volt Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

Charge your battery as per instructions provided in package and enclosed.

We recommend charging overnight for first charge.

Charge 100% before use (a full charge takes about 3 hours). A red light will appear on wall charger when charging. The red light will change to green when fully charged.

Maintain at least 25% power when battery is not in use. This practice will prolong the life of any 7V battery.

1. Power on by pressing and holding power button.

2. To change temperature, press and hold power button until LED light reflects desired setting. Power level setting can only be indicated when connected to garment.

3. Check remaining battery life by disconnecting battery from product. Press and hold power button, LED indicator will show 1 to 4 lights. LED lights to indicate remaining power will illuminate (4 lights is full power).

1. Locate power pocket; it will be on the wearers left outer pocket.

2. Open pocket and locate power plug.

3. Turn on battery by holding power button until it lights up.

4. Insert plug into battery port and push down to secure it in the plug holder.

5. Push power button on battery to select the setting you would like.

6. Place battery into pocket and close the pocket.

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