Gerbing 7V 7000mAh Extended-Life Battery with Remote & Charger Kit - Front

Gerbing 7V 7000mAh Extended-Life Battery with Remote & Charger Kit


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Gerbing's rechargeable 7-volt lithium battery pack with an integrated microprocessor and remote control allows you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere.

Gerbing 7V Extended Life Battery Works With:

  • Gerbing Core Heat Vests
  • Gerbing Core Heat Jackets
  • Gerbing Core Heat Gloves
  • Gerbing Core Heat Socks
  • Gerbing Core Heat Cushions

Dimensions: 4" H, 3" L, 1" W

Instructions for programming a new remote with battery:

1. When battery is not connected (to load or charger), Push ON and OFF button on battery at the same time, the battery LED shall read A in flashing (means "address" searching),

2. Then push the OFF button on remote, the flashing A in LED display shall be OFF.

To test with the battery and remote are matched there are two ways:

1. Push remote button OFF within 60seconds after match procedure, the LED in battery shall read "F" (means "find or found").

2. Try the battery on load and use remote to control battery. 

Gerbing ships from Ohio, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, ensuring swift shipping to all parts of the US.


7V Heated Clothing Accessories

Stay Powered Up

Our durable, rechargeable 7-volt lithium Ion batteries power your Gerbing 7V gear. An integrated microprocessor and LED switch gives you real-time battery status and power level monitoring.

Slim & Compact

Gerbing batteries are built to be used with 7V gloves and garments that have an onboard temperature control button. Designed to be slim and compact for maximum comfort.

World Class Heating Performance

Our 7V heating system lets you enjoy hours of tailgating, hunting, sports, or working outside in cold environments.

Gerbing 7V apparel is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to keep you warm and comfortable for hours.

Our 7V heated gear is safely designed to be worn close to the body, under your outer jacket, or over a thin polyester base layer.

Microwire technology utilizes patented micro-sized stainless steel fibers intertwined and encased in a proprietary waterproof coating.